....an independent coffeehouse, bar, and cafe located in Washington DC's historic Dupont Circle neighborhood, serving Counter Culture Coffee, craft local beers, and cocktails. 


We believe in community, diversity, and equality, and our space is a place for people of all backgrounds to unwind and connect over carefully-sourced and organic ingredients, amazing Counter Culture coffee, and local craft beer, wine, and brilliant cocktails.

We try to foster a little bit of the "fika" vibe- the Swedish notion taking a moment to have coffee, slow down, and contemplate on your own or to gather with friends, and savor the moment. And yes, we have a great happy hour every weekday!

The menu is inspired by some of our favorite places in California, Australia, and the Mediterranean - it's veg and vegan-friendly, but omnivores need not worry: we have a great selection of rich baked goods, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and small plates.